T.R. Krishnamachari & Vijayalakshmi Krishnamachari

Front Cover

The head of the family, Tenparai Raghavachari Krishnamachari, is a retired Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IA&AS) officer who has been a Director of External Audit at the United Nations in New York besides working for the Government of India in a number of positions. Before joining the Civil Services, he obtained his B.Sc. at St. Joseph's College, Trichy. He later obtained a post-graduate diploma in development economics at Wolfson College, Cambridge University. He recently published a memoir of his experiences, titled "Events Extraordinary", Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (2000). 


Vijayalakshmi is the wife of T.R. Krishnamachari, and a mother extraordinaire. Her four sons are Venkatesh, Ramesh, Sudhakar, and Bhaskar.  She did a bachelors in History, and has read widely. She is a talented singer of Carnatic music (a traditional south Indian style of music), and teaches vocal music to youngsters.